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HTML5 RoundupIt's been a little while since our last roundup of developer surveys and HTML5 events, so without further ado, let's get into it.

First up, because it just happened, is the HTML5 developer conference that was recently held in San Francisco on October 22nd & 23rd. We were impressed, as usual, by the wide range of topics covered, from HTML5 Mobile Apps Don't Have To Suck to From Developer To Entrepreneur and from Developing branded mobile games using HTML5 to 5 Things Developers Need to Know About Design. The videos from this conference are not yet online, but keep checking their YouTube channel (already full of videos from past conferences) for the new sessions.

If you are an independent developer, you'll surely be interested in reading Vision Mobile's detailed Developer Economics Q3 2013: State of the Developer Nation. There are too many interesting findings to summarize here. The report really deserves your full attention. But for our audience it's encouraging to see that they found that 52% of all the developers surveyed use HTML5 technologies to develop mobile apps. The study was based on responses from 6,000 developers from 115 countries and tracks the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetization trends, revenue models and developer tools:

Once we double click on that 52% of HTML5 mobile mindshare, a kaleidoscope of colour and options appears. The largest share (38%) of HTML5 developers develop mobile websites with another 23% developing mobile apps, i.e. incorporating offline functionality and deeper browser integration. Hybrid apps, such as those produced by PhoneGap, account for 27% of HTML5 mobile developers. A minority of 7% of HTML5 mobile developers use platforms exposing native APIs via JavaScript, such as Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8. Last, but not least, 5% of HTML5 mobile developers use a Javascript-to-native converter tool like Appcelerator.

And speaking of Appcelerator, those of you focused on the enterprise market, will learn a lot from Appcelerator's Enterprise Mobility Survey. This Halloween-themed report is based on the responses of 805 developers working in the enterprise trenches. The survey confirms that there is still a lot of confusion in many companies and the tectonic shift from top-down, single OS legacy systems to mobile-first, BYOD realities is far from settled. HTML5 developers should take note that 62% of respondents must support 3 or more operating systems. Enterprise developers are "very interested" in developing for iPhone (80%), iPad (80%), Android phone (71%), HTML5 mobile apps (60%) and Android tablet (59%). Other platforms fall below 50%...

That's all for this roundup, folks.

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