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We've been meeting up

What have you been up to this summer?

We've been busy on the Meetup circuit and having fun! It's a great time to be involved with the developer community in Italy — there's tons of energy and lots of really smart people with great ideas to build the next generation of open mobile apps. And we are doing everything that we can to support and drive the growth of the market...

Q: So how did July Geekery go, and what did we learn?

A: Great, and lots :)

The events were well-attended and everybody who showed up came to work, share ideas and contribute to the growth of the community. Some of the themes that were common to both events were the "can do" attitude of the participants and a universal willingness to share knowledge and know-how with others. It has become obvious to all forward-thinking developers that the most promising future will be built by reducing fragmentation and increasing interoperability.

And it's not restricted to startups and independent developers. Even corporate CTO's are waking up to the fact that it is much better to experiment with MVP's, for example, than to spend months, or years, on complicated software projects that will be already be antiquated on the day that they are launched.

Getting from here to there can best be accomplished by participating in open dialog, such as these meetups, and the creation of developer tools that help to concentrate our collective efforts towards the creation of healthy HTML5 mobile apps ecosystem – that includes an app store model and monetization tools!

This is the reason that we created RefuelJS, an open source lightweight library-agnostic platform, written in pure JavaScript, just like good old days! It provides only what you need, without burdening your code with useless stuff. It's not only fast in performance, it's also fast for development. Get involved and help us build it out!

In the meantime, we've embedded the presentation that we used for our July Geekery. If you haven't seen it yet, it's probably worth a look. We hope you'll then be inspired to register on the AppsFuel developer zone and to start populating the AppsFuel Marketplace with your incredible HTML5 mobile apps!

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