#MWC2013: Daily recap, day four… (comiat Barcelona)

WIPJam @ #MWC2013

WIPJam @ #MWC2013

Today was the final day of another exciting (also known as exhausting!) Mobile World Congress. Before signing off (comiat is "farewell" in Catalan), we'd like to dedicate this post to developers, our heroes.

In honor of the incredible commitment and creative energy that developers are bring to innovation on our mobile devices, we wanted to make sure that those of you who were not at MWC this year had a chance to see what they were up to. The WIPJam, which took place today in Hall 8, is undoubtedly one of the finest example of how to organize a developer event. There was a hackathon, there were developer stories, "unpanels", reverse pitches, demo camps, sponsor tables, workshops and discussion groups.

webcrumbz on the stand

In this same spirit, we were really happy to meet the developers of Webcrumbz, the winner of the HTML5 App Challenge now available on the AppsFuel store!

If these posts have piqued your interest at all, check out the developer zone and do it today...

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