Extreme HTML5!

Extreme HTML5

Are you ready for some pure fun? Well, read on (and click through to the links)!

Regular readers of this blog know that we are (obviously) all in for HTML5, but that we never engage in over-the-top hype. We are realistic, practical, hard-headed and utterly convinced that the mobile apps ecosystem will grow to include a vibrant community of top HTML5 developers creating engaging apps for excited users.

It is in this spirit that we'd like to point you to some of the most cutting edge HTML5 out there, both for the desktop and mobile browser, with the hope that it will inspire you to greatness!  ʘ‿ʘ

Let's start with this cool bowling game made for mobile devices by Driftlab. Use this link directly on your smart device and have fun!

Extremely beautiful particles made by HTML5. Click on each separate screen shot to open the active HTML5 fun! Incredible stuff.

On The Wab you can watch retro-style graphics and animations, all done entirely in HTML5. Excellent demos.

Wowing Demos of HTML5 with jQuery. This is another collection of must-see-to-believe demos. Click on the title of each screenshot to start the HTML5 experience. There are graphics, games, drawing applications and much more...

Pocket Island, [alternate spelling = Pocket I5land] previously launched as Magic Land Island, is Wooga’s open source HTML5 project available for all to tinker with and enjoy. Happy coding.

Skyscraper City is an HTML5 Facebook app! Here is the developer's post on how he did it: Making a Speedy HTML5 Game.

Here are some great examples of data visualization powered by HTML5.

Bleeding Edge HTML5: a fantastic presentation by Paul Kinlan rendered in HTML5!

Video discussing hardware accelerated DirectCanvas to take games from 2 frames per second to 30.

Video preview of the HTML5 Tech Demo for Pokki showcasing WebGL and WebSockets to power rich and engaging web apps right on the desktop.

Bonus link: the HTML5 logo in pure CSS!

Excited! Yup, we are too. So...

Join our developer community, use our dev tools and discover the AppsFuel Marketplace – where you can publish and monetize your HTML5 mobile app.

And taking a quick look at the (non-Mayan) calendar on the wall, it seems like holiday wishes are in order! So please accept our warmest wishes for a Happy New Year from all of us here at AppsFuel. 2013 is going to be a GREAT one!

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