A quick update on our new features & roadmap

Appsfuel marketplaceAs the summer is upon us, and some of you will be taking some time off for your holidays, I just wanted to share with you the latest news and views.

New features and roadmap:

  • monetization tools: look for neatly integrated carrier billing for paid apps and in-app purchases, coming in autumn. This is the top feature requested by the developers community and, therefore, it is also our top priority
  • login flow: users can now register and login on the AppsFuel marketplace. This will allow them to save their favorite web apps, rate apps and share them with their friends. Check it out
  • stronger app verification: it’s obviously mission critical to make sure that your apps are properly and robustly linked to your account. This serves to protect your intellectual property. This can be accomplished via meta-tagging the home page of the web app or by uploading a file to the server. Get the details.

Have you submitted your mobile web app yet?

You’ve probably got an idea kicking around in your head that you’ve been waiting to implement, right? Now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of the first truly open and independent HTML5 mobile app marketplace, AppsFuel. So, use your web app coding skills to create your app this week!

Remember that it’s really simple to activate and deactivate/hide your app anytime you want, so don’t worry if you feel like you still have some testing to do. Submit it now.

Feedback please!

AppsFuel is still in beta, so we know that there will be improvements that we can make to our service and bugs to be solved. We are counting on you, the first members of our growing developer community, to tell us what you think, let us know about bugs and to suggest features that you’d like to see on AppsFuel.

Stay tuned:

As you can see, we are hard at work and expect to have more news to share with you next month, so keep your antennas up for our next transmission. You can follow us Twitter, read our blog and check out our Facebook page, too. And “like us” if you like us ;-)

And if you haven’t yet registered for a free developer account, it's a good time to do it now.

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